Sunday, September 27, 2009
After laying in a coma for half a year.... im gonna give my blog some CPR...
hang on there!!!
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Saturday, May 09, 2009
As most of u have chosen, (44% of 69 votes), the place of choice is BALI!!!

and now, i really really need your cooperation to make this a success.
Aisyah has contacts there, and has kindly contacted her tour guide to quote us the itenary and prices. i need u all to confirm ur place AFTER THE HOLIDAYS!! we need to do this quick, the later we book the more expensive, and the more busy we are gonna get.

the date is 10-14/8/2009. (4 days 3 nights). we DO NOT have other choices. before that is exam, after that is convo, then after convo is the ramadhan month.

and here's the itenary from Aisyah

Day ~1 : North Coast tour

* Driving around country side to see Jatiluwith rice terraces
* Ulun Danu Temple with Lake Beratan view
* Bedugul fruit and vegetable market
* Feeding wild monkeys
* Driving along Lake side Buyan and Tamblingan lake
* Visit non touristy Munduk waterfall – can check out the nearby ngiring ngewedang restaurant with nice view
* visit tanah lot temple sunset

Day 2: Volcano tour

# Barong Dance performance. Daily at 9.30 am. – IDR 50,000 (RM20)
# Visit Traditional Balinese house ( Real Balineese house , Not touristy)
# View of Volcano and Lake Batur – Lunch with volcanic view
# Visit Ulun Danu Temple
# Gunung Kawi temple - 300 steps descending along rice fields.
# Tegalalang rice view
# The rest of the day is spent in Ubud till dinner – may consider lotus garden restaurant for dinner

Day 3: East Coast tour

# Driving along East Coast road to Kehen temple
# Kertaghosa Justice Palace
# Snorkel at Blue Langoon Beach
# Candidasa
# Visit traditional Bali village at Tenganan
# Tirta Gangga Water Palace
# Abang river view
# Amed
# Sunset Uluwatu and watch Kecak dance ( The best sunset back round )
+ DINNER AT JIMBARAN - ayam goreng bu tinuk

Day 4: South Bali (Kuta/Jimbaran/Uluwatu)+ Shopping

Free AND easy - SPA, Reflexology, Shop shop shop, manicure, surfing
rates for my driving and tour are IRD 500.000 per day , and 300.000 for Half day tour
There are no extra charges. The rates are for one car. I don't go by "per person". I can take a maximum of 7 people.

Availability = August 24-30
would you like me to set aside for you in my calendar with 8 Car ( 1 car will fit 7 passanger )
The car is as bellow . Kia Carnival , Toyota innova , toyota Kijang , suzuki AVP

The rates quoted above include the car, driver, gasoline/petrol, cold mineral water/soft drinks, cold towels and sarongs for visits to temples and parking fees.Please note that all your entrance fees to places of attraction, donations and your meals are not included .

I don't have fixed hours(e.g. 9 - 5 pm). You can also use my services in the evening. Therefore, if you want to go for dinner, you will not have to call a for a taxi. I will be there, waiting for you after your meal.


w Hotel = RM 6480 for 9 rooms for 3 nights (one room is IDR 600,000 for 6 people inclusive of breakfast) – MASA INN KUTA (Very cheap!!)

w Food = ??? (dinner at Jimbaran on day 3, very pricy but not to be missed!!! It is spectacular! Would IMU consider sponsor us for one dinner?)

w Flight = estimation price RM 400 2 ways per person (for 50 students = RM 20,000) – the price rate is very unpredictable and purely based on luck.

w Transport = RM 4800 for 8 cars that can fit 7 people (3 full days inclusive of driver/guide, sarong, cold tower, water, soft drink and petrol – cheap!!!)


all entrance fees to places of attraction (generally not pricy-less than RM10), donations and your meals are not included)

Notes :
This itinerary was not made via travel agent. We are safe from any hidden charges. I contacted Mr Dean the driver directly and this guy is working alone and he is highly in demand internationally. He is honest and trustworthy. He has a detailed knowledge of the entire island. He has a great sense of what is “worth seeing” and what is not as well as fabulous suggestions for restaurants, hotels, and photo opportunities. Dean is completely reliable and a very safe driver. As for the hotel, we can book directly online or via telephone booking.

PLease ppl...please come, cos this is our last chance! let me know whether ur going by the end of the hols!!!!!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

hey ppl... i did some researching on our class trip, and i found that GROUND TRIP for local and some overseas tours are almost the same. the diff is onli the airfare.

date: 10-20 August 2009 (between exam finish and convocation) not sure exactly when

for sure, all listed venues are within RM3XX- 500. EXCLUDING air fares. it DOES include accomodation (dun expect Hilton), food, transports, tour guide and shows. all packages are for 4 days 3 nights.

Air asia would take the lowest and highest prices, then average it out, with some discounts. We cant negotiate with them, cos we're NOT chartering the WHOLE PLANE!! price range would be around RM 300++ return ticket for all destinations per person (for overseas la).

anyone has contacts with MAS???

so far, the cheapest tour (highly recommended) is Thailand, and it covers beaches as well as shopping trips. prices starts from RM340. (prostitutes fees excluded) The most expensive is Siem Reap (u know...angkor wat??)

ask me for any details.( for now..thats all i know)

Vote NOW, so i can arrange earlier. and pls...VOTE ONCE!!! hopefully i get the results by the end of the month la..and pls... pass the msg around

dateline: 17 APRIL 2009!
C107...lets go tour!!!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
i had housemates that are crazy and yet caring

cookouts and burn outs

sweet success and dumb failures

tasty restaurants and those-so-bad-i-boycotted-and asked-others-not-to-go ones

inspiring lecturers and doctors who i would like to put laxative into their coffees

futsal goals and times i could onli just lie on the bed

music nights and out of tune K sessions

celebrations after exams

outing and even some with high risk behaviour involved..

and its all been great
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Saturday, February 21, 2009
i passed!!

thank God...thats all i can say
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

its time for reunion and new year!! and to forget bout all my exam sorrows for a while..
time to gain weight
time to camwhore with cousins..

time to destroy neighbor's sleep

and to usher in a better year ahead!!
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b4 i start with all the happy new year, gong xi gong xi and dragon horse semen god, just wanna share something really surprising and meaningful that happened some time ago.. patient N, 12 year old malay gal, admitted for viral fever. while chatting and taking history from the mom, she suddenly said, y dun u talk to her in chinese??? apparently, shes been to chinese skool all her life! and from there, i took down more info from her...

and b4 she was discharged, she gave a doctor a small note, which was then passed to a fren, and landed up with me...
says : 万事如意, 身体健康, 笑口常开, with a little drawing of me there... really made my day...

and to everyone celebrating CNY.. i wish the same to u all too!!
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Saturday, January 10, 2009
im not enjoying the new year at all...i can see stress everywhere, i can feel the heat of the exams, and im not well!!!

im stressed!!!!
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